Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I m so sad today..

Today I m really so sad...
wat i do in this 7 years are totally nothing...
i can't bring u happiness anymore...

really...ur happiness seems so far for me...i c't get it anymore..
u try n imagine...when is the last happiness i bring to u...
me myself oso cannot recall...

avthing i did...u sure not satisfy.. i donno y...
is it i m my fault? or u choose to not accept?

all my advise seems critic or even "attack" as u stated in ur sms..
u knw how hurt i m? means tat all my advise u take it as attack?!

dear...i really donno wat can i say..i knw blogging here wil let av1 knw..
but i really donno how to tell u only u can understand..

i try not to count..because i told u when 1 party start to count each other fault..
it means the end of the relationship..

but somethings i really need to tell u...
i need ur fact all the things is not my fault..
maybe u think i "force" u to change..but wat i did is jz tell u the truth...
u change or not..i m not the benefit party..

in tis fast moving world..if we c't take advise, c't upgrade n change ourself..
it will be really hard...u will make ur life harder..u will make av1 who love u feel hurt..

i really c't imagine i need to write all this here..
i think my limit had reached..

but i really dun wan to giv up..
pls...tell me the way to solve it...

So many years..i had lost myself..
30 minutes more... i will live with my real style..
i hope u can accept.. coz tis is the 1 who u might we holding hands will till old..

if i choose to be wat i m now..avthing listen to u no matter right or wrong..
keep on taking ur temper no matter u r right or wrong...
then...i really can't hold ur hand till we old..

that is wat i m trying to tell u...if our relationship is going to nex step..
both of us need to change..

I really write it till so WHITE d...

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

4th June...Getting Started..^^

Due to the "WAI HIP" of my ex-roommate PHUNG CHEE SEONG, I hv to create a blog to write some comments on his blog.. If not I wil be the next KK..posted all kind of YAN SHAN KONG KEK things...

I m new in this blogging world.. will try to avoid posting some words mention about ppl's organ, ppl's mother n etc..For those who jz knw me will feel I m a guy who hv a CLEAN mouth..But...who knws right? lol

Actually my hand oso gatal to try write something la...kakaka^^